InfoChapter Technical How to register Mobile Phones IMEI in Nepal || 2021

How to register Mobile Phones IMEI in Nepal || 2021

IMEI Registration

“How to register Mobile Phones IMEI” Data about Mobile Phones Subscribers in Nepal 2021

Year Mobile Phone Subscriber Percentage
2020 42.85 Million Users 148 % of Total Population
2021 45.21 Million Users 152 % of Total Population
Data is from internet Research so it might be differ

NTA IMEI Mobile Phone Online Registration

NTA, Nepal’s telecom authority, has launched the online registration of cell phones. They have now started this online registration to prevent illicit calls from working and to trace their lost calls. The IMEI registration will also help to weaken the country’s dismal phone market.

Although it is now not permissible to sell and promote dim telephones to the public, Nepal still has a significant market. It is also efficiently accessible at the watch out that the stores have fallen without fear.

With the IMEI registration started by the controller, the illegal telephones will be not available for the varied Nepalese organization. It would need some investment to avoid dealing with the telecom managers in Nepal. NTA is now using a manual approach to address the data setting framework for telcos such as Ntc, Smart cell, and Ncell.

IMEI has to be registered with NTA to transport or sell a telephone. Until the present, the NTA has registered millions of telephones. People can also enroll for their appliances (brought from different nations). NTA will currently discontinue working with the mobile organization Nepal on unregistered phones. Cellphones, which can only interface to the portable organization through official channels (the approved channels). This will be a significant assistance for a load of companies, which formally market their diverse products. This will eventually shut the whole dark market down.

Implementing Mobile Device Management in Nepal (MDMS)

This long-awaited NTA project will finally come to fruition. According to the declaration in the budget for the coming FY 2078/79, the government of Nepal aims to deactivate illegal phones on Shrawan 1st 2078, but the entire set-up is not complete, therefore it has been postponed for a month or two.

Such grey telephones have for years harmed government income and weakened the policy of telecommunications. However, the Government has now set the day on which the telecom service would make such phones worthless.

What is MDMS going to do for your Gray Phone?

If the MDMS system enters the system, your gray phone will have numerous effects. Let’s evoke scenarios:
First of all, the telecom service from Shrawan 1st won’t work with your gray phone. The concession will not instantly end all of Nepal’s SIM card running telephones. If you lose a phone, you can’t report it to the police. If you do, they will probably endanger the use of an unauthorized person.

You are barred from any carrier network on your new gray phone in Nepal. It will not operate in Nepal in the future with any telecommunications network. The unlicensed phone has very limited service capacity as no signals are received. It is impossible to utilize the telecoms service and it is almost useless like a brick.

How to Register IMEI Number in Nepal?

The Nepal Telecom Authority has recently announced that all Nepalese customers should enter the IMEI number of their cell phones to keep away from them.

NTA wants to ban illegal mobile phones that were smuggled into Nepal after Shrawan 1.

Mobile phones imported illegally or without registration before Shrawan 1 are not rapidly limited, as some time is provided for registration. It’s clever to do it fast in any case. Follow this IMEI Registry Number handbook in Nepal. In any case, it is astute to do it quickly. Follow this manual for Register IMEI Number in Nepal.

Numerous in Nepal import cell phones, officially or casually from nations like India, Gulf, and so forth For the last mentioned, these cell phones are for the most part for loved ones, as similar model telephones are by and large more costly in Nepal. The public authority is intending to thoroughly boycott unregistered mobiles on every single Nepali organization.

The enrollment of your cell phone’s IMEI number will not only help you track your lost telephone or during the crisis case, but it also assists the public authority with balancing out the illicit stock of dim items in Nepal.

What is an IMEI number?

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is essentially a 15-digit number that goes about as a one-of-a-kind identifier for a cell phone. Since no two gadgets can have a similar IMEI, it is an exceptionally valuable instrument for following lost or taken mobile phones. You can discover it on the silver sticker on the rear of your telephone, under the battery pack, or on the case, your telephone came in.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a remarkable number for recognizing a gadget in a versatile organization. It’s like the governmental pension number of a telephone.

IMEI registration is important in the case of loss or acceptance of any phone. With the aid of the IMEI number, the phone cannot be used by the person who discovers it whenever it is lost or seized. The transporter can boycott a gadget dependent on its IMEI number and can contact different transporters to do likewise. This implies the telephone will not have the option to make/get calls any longer or associate online through the phone organization, even with another SIM card.

How to register your mobile phone IMEI ?

You may register your telephone on the NTA site if you are a mobile phone importer or individual. The processes for registering IMEI phones online in Nepal are as follows.

How to register Mobile Phones IMEI
  • Press Sign in or register for the login.
How to register Mobile Phones IMEI
  • Click New Importer or Individual request.
  • To add all details of a mobile number, brand name, IMEI/ESN/MEID number, name, address, and identity for the telephone, click New Register. IMEI ( Citizenship or ID card or passport).
  • Upload the picture identifier (should be less than 3 MB)
How to register Mobile Phones IMEI
  • You must also provide your contact number or email.
How to register Mobile Phones IMEI
  • You’re through with it then.

NTA Save the Foreign Phone

A large percentage of the country’s ‘Grey Phones’ comprises telephones from outside via friends and family. NTA claims that these unregistered telephones would continue to get all telecom services as usual. It also shows that owners are permitted to register their IMEI devices more than once the site comes alive.

NTA has also indicated VAT credit to customers and completely NTA-approved mobile network equipment in Nepal. It cautions implicitly that you save issues with the NTA’s regulatory process through the purchase of lawful telephones.

National frequency policy on frequency allocation

Now that Nepal is getting ready for the 5G network test, the telecom operator will have to use a frequency from a particular spectrum. The telecom operators are awaiting the NTA frequency spectrum allocation for 5G.

In such instances, NTA tries to establish a strategy for the frequency allocation and then continues the allocation map. NTA has been doing roadmap research in the past. The NTA Chairman on the international scene has lately unveiled Nepal’s 5G Spectrum Roadmap and growth strategy.

Last Words,

I would like to clarify that within 2 months, the system will be operating in Nepal so dear friends can swiftly register your mobile device before the MDMS function takes place.

People Also ask

1. How can I activate the IMEI number in Nepal?

  • You may just put the IMEI number of your smartphone into the used box or follow another easier way. Just enter ‘*#06#’ and dial it on your phone.

2. How do I know if my Mobile phone is registered?

  • It is recommended to register NTA in all IMEIs (Dual SIM) of your mobile device users.

3. Should I Register a Mobile device Purchased from an Authorised Dealer?

  • No Need to Register those mobile Devices Purchased and Authorised by Dealer in NTA.

4. Vat Bill of Mobile device is necessary for registration?

  • Vat Bill is necessary for yourself which is the proof of Authorise device no need to show on NTA.

5. Citizenship is important to Register a mobile device IMEI in NTA?

  • Yes, an Identification document you must need to upload to register your mobile device IMEI.

6. How to Know I Purchase a Registered Mobile Device In NTA?

  • As I said earlier, you must have an Item registered for a VAT bill of purchase.

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